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Teal Simba

Yoga Column Fitness Pilates Yoga Foam Roller Block

Yoga Column Fitness Pilates Yoga Foam Roller Block

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Yoga is a great way to shape you to be a better you upon scores of aspects, the Yoga foam roller helps calm you down, improve your moods, adjust physiology, benefit sleep and recovery, as well as slim your body.

Pain Relief

If you have overdone things in the gym, our superb resin roller set can help to loosen and relieve tired muscles. Sometimes a cool-down stretch isn't enough, and the resin roller can really help prevent aching and injury caused by a hard work-out.

Cellulite buster

Those pesky deposits of fat at the tops of your thighs are something every woman dreads. Using a roller can help break up the cellulite for dimple-free skin.

Easy to use

Resin rolling is easy simply lie on the floor and place the roller underneath where you need to feel relief. Then roll backwards and forwards for a few minutes. You should feel your muscles start to relax and loosen as you do so.

Strong load-bearing

The Yoga foam roller is made of high quality EVA, which is durable, eco-friendly and nontoxic, built-in PVC inner tube to offer safe strong load-bearing.


Type: Yoga Foam Roller

Quantity: 1PC

Material: EVA+PVC

Color: Purple/Blue/Black/Orange/Green

Size: 33*13*13cm/5.11*12.97*12.97inch

Net Weight: 1000.0g/2.20oz


1 * Yoga Foam Roller


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